How much do you earn per shift?
Have you made more this month than last?
Which week of the month do you make the most?
Tip TraQ Pro has the answer to these questions and many more!

Tip TraQ Pro


Tip TraQ Pro is a full featured Android app that was first released back in 2011, so we’ve learned a thing or two about what users want to see in a Tip Tracker.


Start tracking tips within seconds of installing the app. There are no complicated spreadsheets to understand or formulas to enter — just enter your tips and view your stats.


Automatic data back-ups and the ability to export your data to the cloud are both standard features included in both the Free and Premium versions of the app.

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Stats Overview

Tip TraQ Pro’s main screen packs in 17 statistics related to your earnings, including averages, totals, minimums, maximums, and many others.

Charts and Graphs

Your data will really come alive when it’s illustrated in big colorful charts and graphs. There’s no need to painstakingly comb through your data to discover earning trends when you have the power of Tip TraQ Pro at your fingertips.

Data Backup

Never worry about losing your tip data, thanks to Tip TraQ Pro’s automatic data back-up feature. For an even greater peace of mind, you can export your data to the cloud as often as you’d like.

Tip Reminders

Select which days and times you’d like to be reminded to enter your tips and Tip TraQ Pro will send you a notification.

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Tip TraQ Pro is an Android Tip Tracker, designed for use by anyone who earns tips (cash income). Servers, bartenders, cab drivers, and many others can benefit greatly by Tip TraQ Pro’s detailed earnings summaries, colorfully illustrated graphs, and helpful insights.

Tip TraQ Pro is developed by Tom Stuczynski, who worked for tips all throughout college and understands how difficult it is to keep track of cash earnings.

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